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This is craft cola syrup made by bartenders, and cola is completed by adding soda.
The key to the development was that there were quite a lot of bartenders who drank cola to get rid of the hangover, saying, "I'm going to drink cola because I have a hangover today." When I looked it up, cola was originally sold as a panacea.

The raw material for this cola is "cola nuts," which are high in natural caffeine and have stimulating, hunger-suppressing, and digestive-promoting effects, which have the effect of enhancing intellectual activity.
"Guarana", "Maca" and "Ezoukogi", which can be expected to have the same effect, are blended in Mellow cola. There is also a record that cola at that time was effective against hangovers, so Mellow cola also contains "curcuma longa".

The Mellow cola made in this way is recommended for those who are physically and mentally tired, those who want to refresh and relax, and those who like alcohol.

Another characteristic of Mellow cola is that it is being developed by a bartender.
We not only enjoy it as a cola, but also publish various original arrangement recipes.
It is also recommended to try making various things at home or bring it with you to the outdoor scene!

Mellow Cola uses high-quality "Tensai honey-containing sugar" from Hokkaido, natural lemon oil from Miyazaki extracted from domestic lemons, and organic lemon peel powder from Morocco.
Please try the Mellow cola that is particular about natural materials!!
Capacity: 530 ml per bottle
(About 21 glasses of cola)

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¥12,474 tax included